Water is our life

The Problem

Clean water is the life blood of our environment and it is being rendered unfit for human consumption and recreation every day. Nutrient pollution is devastating lakes, rivers, estuaries and large coastal areas. The entire country, from the Great Lakes to coastal Florida, has been impacted by nutrient pollution with seasonal toxic algae blooms measured in square miles. Phosphorus Free Water Solutions is passionate about the reversal of this process and has created a novel, environmentally friendly process to remove harmful nutrients from contaminated waters, wherever they are found, to prevent future algae growth, reduce fish kills and improve overall water quality.

Our approach


Using proprietary technologies created using extensive research, we are able to remove up to 99% of the phosphorus and up to 95% of the nitrogen during the treatment process. These nutrients fuel the growth of toxic algae, red tide and encourage excess vegetation in our waterways.


We offer a “pay-for-performance” financial model, meaning you only pay for the nutrients that are removed by our system. This model eliminates costly capital expenses to build treatment systems and no funds are expended until performance is verified by a third-party laboratory.

Environmentally Beneficial

Our process is safe and environmentally sound with no waste other than filter media. There is no chemical discharge and all treated water meets Class III Standards.


We have proven, through testing, that our system is scalable in five system sizes and has consistently shown to be effective at hydraulic loading rates equal to that of our proposed full-scale facilities.

Politically Feasible

Our solution to nutrient-contaminated water works for all scales and types of government. It is proven to deliver results and offers a number of benefits, including faster deployment times, pay-for-performance models and environmentally friendly designs. Contrary to most, our approach places all financial and performance risk on us, not the taxpayer.

Why it matters

Nutrient contamination, such as excess phosphorus, promotes algae growth and red tide, which can lead to contaminated drinking water and cost the economy millions, maybe billions, of dollars. Even worse, it can harm the environment. 

Unfortunately, traditional phosphorus removal processes typically focus on the removal of sediments or lower water column phosphorus and leave the phosphorus in the ecosystem. Stormwater Treatment Areas, while effective are more costly and leave the nutrients on the bottom in the form of nutrient-rich sediments that must periodically be removed.

By completely removing contaminants like phosphorus, algae cannot grow. That is why our innovative and environmentally friendly CleanWater process focuses solely on completely removing all soluble phosphorus from the ecosystem, permanently.

How it works

Source Water

Proprietary System Precipitates Phosphorus

Advanced Filtration Removes Phosphorus

Clean Water

Phosphorus exists in several forms, all of which must be removed to meet mandated levels.

Proprietary precipitation converts phosphorus to particulate forms that can be removed. Nitrogen is removed through an advanced biological system compatible with our phosphorus removal systems.

The process employs a dynamic filtration setup that allows for near ultrafiltration capability.

Phosphorus is removed to levels below what is required by all current and imminent water quality standards.